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Powering a new generation of health plans

Modular Infrastructure

EDI Acuity

With our unique EDI parsing technology and partners, building integrations happen in days, not weeks

Cutdown on painful the back and forth between partners with our reliable technology


Use our team or take the reigns as the first line of support

Supercharge your support with our AI agents to handle simple questions as well as give suggested answers to your reps

Plug and Play Services

We offer embedded HSAs to members via our platform that your groups can manage

Find insight and improve care with our analytics platform driven by EOBs and artificial intelligence



Get real time data via our dashboards

Customize views and reports to how you need them

Receive notifications triggered by whatever you want

HIPAA and SOC2 Compliant

Security is our top priority. Monitor our live status at

Human Touch

Our team is assisted by AI tooling but adjudication, communication, and other touch points are fully human driven


Korb Matosich

CEO of Asserta Health

Yuzu is a flexible and responsive partner that has built reporting and adjudication systems that facilitate Asserta's strategy of cutting healthcare waste through direct, immediate cash payments for healthcare services.

Angel Saucedo

Co-Founder of Virtuous Benefits

Yuzu Health's platform is a game-changer in the benefits administration landscape. It makes my job easier and keeps my clients happy—what more could you ask for?

John Youngs

CEO of Prodigy Health Insurance Services

Yuzu Health has been a dependable partner. They get it right, making it easy for us to secure solid stop-loss policies for their groups. It's a partnership I value highly.


Claims Processing

Extremely fast EDI integrations both in setup and usage

Support for out of network claims submissions via email


Phone and email support available for members and providers

Custom support docs and trained chatbot to improve access of information

Health Savings Account

Automated contributions enabled by members and employers

Investment accounts available to members within the service

Adminstration tools for employers to adjust contributions

Find Care

Interactive map and search for members to find care easily

Train your provider network data on our AI models to create powerful recommendations and improve outcomes

Digital Experience

Web dashboards, Apple Wallet integrations, mobile experiences, and more

Powerful AI agents spread throughout the platform to improve member experience and reduce costs

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