Operations Architect


Yuzu Health is a startup health insurance TPA. We manage and help to design the health insurance plans that businesses offer their employees. Read more about what a TPA does here. We differentiate by helping new types of health insurance plans come to life by facilitating new ways to pay for and access healthcare covered by insurance.


  • You will be honest.
  • You will be responsive.
  • You will be an everything person. You will talk to customers. You will prioritize tasks for engineers. You will build materials for sales. You will compile notes from advisors about product constraints. You will do market research. You will draft and edit contracts. You will submit legal applications on behalf of Yuzu Health. You will print and mail Member ID cards and you will lick the envelopes until you like the taste (or we figure out how to automate it).
  • Your job will change completely every 3-6 months as we automate repetitive tasks and grow our business.
  • In person NYC 5 days a week.
  • Qualifications

  • You have to like challenges. This is hard. Oscar Health had 200 employees before they had real customers on their insurance plans. Collective Health had 40. Yuzu had 5.
  • You have to be an ethical and compassionate person.
  • You have to want to win.
  • You have to care about the team.
  • Experience in the healthcare or insurance industries is a plus, but not required.
  • Anti-Qualifications

  • You are looking for a job where you get to do “strategy” without doing work.
  • Our Commitment to You

  • We will be honest.
  • We will be responsive.
  • We will give you significant equity.
  • We will upskill you.
  • We will trust you and tell you everything you want to know about the business.
  • We will be in the trenches with you. We are not a hierarchical company. Everyone does their fair share of gritty work.
  • Process

    If we interview you, you can expect the following process

  • Initial 30-45 minute conversation with either Will or Russell
  • A 2 hour take-home assignment designed to be similar to on-the-job work
  • A 45 minute fit interview with Max
  • An onsite interview
  • We may speak with 1-2 references you provide
  • To apply — email jobs@yuzu.health