Software Engineer

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As an early-stage startup, Yuzu’s top priority is to ship software fast. We believe that the best way to ship code fast is to invest in clean code, strong CI/CD automation, and a delightful developer experience. At Yuzu we

Write in Typescript using modern frameworks like SvelteKit and Nestjs
Write all of our infrastructure as code, improving security, modularity, and readability
Build on top of best-in-class healthcare APIs including Stedi and Flexpa to handle the intricacies of healthcare-specific data structures.
Have a clean and new codebase, with little-to-no tech-debt or internal tools with steep learning curves

As an early employee you will

Contribute across the entire codebase
Set a large part of Yuzu’s company culture
Direct the focus of our product from an engineering perspective


Experience building successful software projects, ideally independently or as a part of a small team or early-stage startup
In-person 4-5 days/week in Chelsea NYC office strongly preferred
Self-directed, curious, fast-paced personality with strong communication skills

Nice to Haves

Experience with Typescript, Pulumi, and/or AWS
Experience in healthcare or fintech infrastructure

Our commitment to you

Competitive pay and best-in-class benefits (we are a benefits company!)
Significant equity in a well-capitalized company working to disrupt a trillion dollar industry
Flexible $2000/year education stipend for learning and upskilling
We are a high-trust team with radically high transparency and autonomy
We want to upskill you. We believe in hiring and promoting from within as we grow


If we interview you, you can expect the following process

Initial 30-45 minute conversation with either Ryan or Russell
A ~1 hour screen-share technical interview over zoom with either Ryan or Russell
A 45 minute fit interview with Max
An onsite interview or remote superday
We may speak with 1-2 references you provide