Fulfillment Policy

Effective Date: 01.26.2024

Table of Contents

  • What we are selling
  • Purchase Currency
  • Customer Service Contact Information
  • Fulfillment Policies
  • Legal or export restrictions
  • Privacy policy
  • Business address
  • Terms of any promotions
  • Security of website and customer payment information
  • Payments accepted
  • What we are selling

    Yuzu Health Inc (“Yuzu Health”) is a technology company. Through its subsidiary Yuzu Health Insurance Services, Yuzu acts as a licensed Third Party Administrator (TPA) of ERISA-governed health insurance plans. As a TPA, Yuzu’s responsibility is to manage the health benefits of our Employer customers. The management services that Yuzu provides includes:

  • Licensed and compliant claims processing, including appeals determinations
  • Compliance services for plans
  • Stoploss marketing and claims filing services
  • Plan component integration services
  • Employer billing and fiduciary account management
  • Plan document drafting
  • Member and employer claims portals
  • COBRA administration
  • For these services, Yuzu receives a fixed per-employee per-month (PEPM) fee that does not depend on the claims volume of groups.

    Purchase Currency

    Yuzu Health only serves businesses incorporated in the United States and only accepts the United States Dollar for payments.

    Customer Service Contact Information

    Yuzu Health’s dedication to Customer Service is a point of pride. Customer service information including contacts and hours are available at: https://yuzu.health/customer-service.

    Fulfillment Policy

    Yuzu Health considers “orders” to be itemized requests for health insurance administration services specific to an Enrollment Tier and a month. Yuzu relies on our Employer Customers to send us enrollment information in advance of orders being charged. We base our invoicing off of transparent pricing. We invoice companies via Yuzu-initiated ACH transfer, as specified in our Administrative Services Agreements specific to each Employer Customer.

  • Refund Policy: Yuzu will issue refunds for any paid order provided the invoice was made in error or provided that the month for the order has not yet started. These invoices will be processed by Yuzu within 72 hours. Yuzu is not able to process coverage or enrollment changes for a month where coverage has started.
  • Delivery Policy: Yuzu will deliver plan information to Employers’ plan members (including Plan Documents and a condensed Summary of Benefits and Coverage) in advance of the Employers service start date.
  • Cancellation Policy: Employer Customers have the ability to cancel working with Yuzu at the end of any month, and can also adjust the enrollment of employees on a month-to-month basis. Yuzu is not responsible for how these enrollment changes affect other relationships that Employer Customers have, including with the stoploss Insurance Carrier insuring the Employer’s health benefits plan.
  • Legal / Export Restrictions

    Yuzu Health only does business with Employer Customers and partners located in the United States. Yuzu’s services are not subject to export restrictions in any way.

    Privacy Policy

    Yuzu Health takes its responsibility to manage member and employer data seriously. Our Privacy Policy is publicly available on our website: https://yuzu.health/privacy-policy.

    Business Address

    Yuzu Health has its headquarters at the following business address:

    Yuzu Health 227 W 29th St, Suite 8F New York City, NY 10001

    Promotion Terms

    Yuzu Health does not offer any promotions. We may offer certain Employer Customers different PEPM rates for our services, based on factors including the size of each Employer Customer and which sub-services each Employer Customer elects to have Yuzu Health perform. Terms of Yuzu’s fees are available within our Administrative Services Agreements with each Employer Customer.

    Security Practices

    Yuzu Health takes data security seriously. Yuzu has completed a SOC II type 1 audit and monitors its systems using Vanta. More information is available in our privacy policy https://yuzu.health/privacy-policy and at https://trust.yuzu.health/.

    Accepted Payments

    Yuzu does not accept payment via credit-card or check. Yuzu only accepts payment via ACH transfer facilitated by Yuzu’s website and Stripe.

    Questions, concerns or complaints

    If you have questions, concerns, complaints, please contact us at:

    Yuzu Health Inc

    227 W 29th St, New York, NY, 10001


    (203) 208-9898‬