Choosing Medical

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For common conditions: we recommend using GoodRx Telehealth for the fastest, easiest, and most affordable treatment
For more severe conditions: call Yuzu Support at 203-208-9898 so we can personally guide you to the best care option(s) for your needs

Your options for medical

Yuzu has several options to get you medical treatment when needed. Here are the options, ranked as recommended:

1) GoodRx Telehealth for on-demand visits

GoodRx’s telehealth service can treat most urgent care and primary care conditions, illnesses, and medication refills
Directions detailed at GoodRx Telehealth

2) Yuzu Concierge for scheduled visits

If you want a scheduled visit, use Yuzu Concierge in the Find Care tab of your member dashboard
Directions detailed at Yuzu Concierge

3) Yuzu Find Care feature

Use to look up providers and locations within Yuzu’s contracted network

4) Full access network

If you strongly prefer a provider outside these options, we accept all providers as part of our “full access” network though prices may be higher
Contact Yuzu Support and we will walk you through scheduling ‪and make sure the provider is covered at reasonable rates


. For common conditions (urgent care, primary care, medication refills), use GoodRx Telehealth as your starting point
. For more complex conditions, use Yuzu Concierge by contacting us at 203-208-9898 or

‼️ Important to remember: for care through GoodRx Telehealth, we recommend you pay cash to get the best price. Yuzu will then reimburse you for covered services, plus count them toward your plan.

For Yuzu cash pay, follow these steps👇

➡️ Further directions on how to upload claims are detailed at Submitting Claims

Contact us

If you have questions, call us at ‪203-208-9898‬ or email us at We respond ASAP, in most cases within minutes.