Choosing Prescriptions

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For most medications: we recommend using GoodRx or Cost Plus Drugs for the most convenient and lowest cost medications
For more specialized medications: our partner, SmithRx, offers pharmacy benefits with transparent coverage and pricing throughout nearly all pharmacies

All options

Yuzu has several options to get you the drugs you need while saving you money. Here are the options, ranked as recommended:

1) Cost Plus Drugs

Cost Plus Drugs offers a huge list of largely discounted medications which you can search and purchase via their website
Directions detailed at Cost Plus Drugs

2. GoodRx

GoodRx also offers large discounts on many drugs via their GoodRx Coupon cards
Directions detailed at GoodRx

3. SmithRx

If your medication is more specialized and not yet available via GoodRx or CostPlusDrugs, our partnership with SmithRx gives you discounts at nearby pharmacy locations
Directions detailed at SmithRx


. For common prescriptions, use Cost Plus Drugs or GoodRx for the best prices
. For medications not available on Cost Plus Drugs or GoodRx, use SmithRx for affordable drugs at nearby pharmacies

‼️ Important to remember: for prescriptions through Cost Plus Drugs or GoodRx, we recommend you pay cash to get the best price. Yuzu will then reimburse you for covered services, plus count them toward your plan.

For Yuzu cash pay, follow these steps👇

➡️ Further directions on how to upload claims are detailed at Submitting Claims

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