Guaranteed Access and Coverage

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National laws mandate patient access to emergency care and prevent absurd bills - letting Yuzu members to forget about network in times of need.

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Two federal laws help ensure all patients get emergency care while mandating health plan coverage.


EMTALA requires hospitals provide the following access to all patients:

Medical Screening Examination - guaranteeing patients are assessed for an emergency medical situation and then treated appropriately
Stabilization - ensuring patients are stabilized and treated until they are able to be transferred or discharged without deteriorating
Transfers - mandating hospitals to transfer patients to a higher level of care if medically necessary

No Surprises Act:

The No Surprises Act caps the amount a patient will have to pay.

For emergency care, patients are only responsible for their in-network cost-sharing amounts, therefore:
Members don’t need to worry about network in emergencies, they get treated at Yuzu’s standard coverage


If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, always call 911 for guidance.

If you are experiencing a non-life-threatening emergency and are able, call Yuzu Support at ‪(203) 208-9898 immediately for guidance on where to seek care.

For urgent care or emergency medical admissions, Yuzu does not require pre-certification prior to you getting care.

‼️ Yuzu does require pre-certification by you or someone on your behalf within 24 hours after the admission date. This responsibility is typically handled by hospitals.

If the admission date is on a Friday or during the weekend, Yuzu requires pre-certification by you or someone on your behalf within 72 hours after the admission date, but no later than the first business day following the emergency admission.

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