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Most prescriptions are way too expensive and we, as patients, end up paying way too much for the drugs we need.
Similar to CostPlusDrugs, GoodRx helps you out by offering a plethora of common medications at significantly-discounted rates.
We recommend using GoodRx for your first option for prescriptions, steps to do so are detailed below.

How to

enter the name of your medication in the search bar or browse through their list of popular drugs.
select your prescribed dosage and quantity.
explore the prices offered by various pharmacies near you and choose the best option.
show your GoodRx coupon (available on the website or app) to the pharmacist when you pick up your medication.
pay for the prescription via your Credit of Debit Card
Upload the receipt within the Yuzu App Claims Upload page to ensure it counts toward your plan benefits.

‼️ Important to remember: for prescriptions through GoodRx, we recommend you pay cash to get the best price. Yuzu will then reimburse you for covered services, plus count them toward your plan.

For Yuzu cash pay, follow these steps👇

➡️ Further directions on how to upload claims are detailed at Submitting Claims

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