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The Yuzu Plan aligns incentives. When you stay healthy and choose affordable high-quality care options, you reap the financial rewards
Most plans are a “Net $0 Deductible” plan, leveraging the tax advantages of HSAs to save you and your employer money while offering the highest quality care

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Your plan is classified as a HDHP (“high deductible health plan”), with an annual deductible of $2,400
Classifying the Yuzu Plan as a HDHP allows you to have an HSA (“health savings account”) - which is THE MOST tax-advantaged financial product in the US, as detailed here and here
As part of the Yuzu Plan, most employers choose to contribute $200 per month to your HSA, totaling $2,400 annually
This means for most members, the Yuzu plan is a “Net $0 Deductible” plan
And actually it is even better than that: the Yuzu Plan is effectively better than a zero dollar deductible plan, as you keep any money you don't spend each year in the most tax-advantaged investment vehicle, an HSA 🤑

One note: the phrase “high deductible health plan” scares some people since it seems to suggest you will be paying a lot out of pocket for care, but consider that many non-HDHPs:

. Still have equally high deductibles
. Have Maximum Out Of Pocket (MOOP) dollar amounts higher than Yuzu’s, thus covering less care despite charging far higher premiums

“Full access” provider choice and comprehensive coverage

The Yuzu Plan is a “full access” plan, meaning you have the freedom to choose any healthcare provider. However, please consider that we've partnered with GoodRx Telehealth and HealthSmart as our preferred network choices, and strongly recommend using these options for the most convenient, affordable, and high quality care
Your plan covers all aspects of health, just like a typical plan. Preventative care, common conditions, specialty procedures, medication needs, mental health, pre-existing conditions, and more

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We take pride in providing top-notch support. If you have any questions or need assistance, reach out to our support team - we’re here to help 🙂

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