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For hospital stays, surgeries, imaging, or other more severe medical treatments, you are required to obtain pre-certification by contacting Yuzu Support at 203-208-9898 or
For a list of specific benefits requiring pre-certification visit > Coverage section, or download your plan documents at > Documents section
We may connect you with our partner, MedWatch, to help you through this process

WTF is pre-certification?

Pre-certification (aka pre-cert, pre-authorization, prior-authorization, and prior-auth) is when you obtain approval from Yuzu prior to obtaining select treatments or procedures.

The goal of pre-cert is to help guarantee you receive the most appropriate care while avoiding unfair bills.

How to obtain pre-certification

If you don’t know whether pre-certification is required, check your Plan Documents or call us at 203-208-9898.

If your medical care requires pre-certification, take these steps:

First, contact Yuzu Support at 203-208-9898 or - we will lead you through the pre-certification process
Next, you may be connected to our partner, MedWatch, for additional steps - they specialize in handling pre-certifications and will help when needed

More about MedWatch

You can expect the following when working with MedWatch for pre-certification:

Expert assistance: MedWatch is nurse-led (Yuzu is very pro-nurse!) and have 35 years experience navigating the pre-certification process
Efficient processing: like Yuzu, MedWatch handles pre-cert requests promptly to ensure fast approval processes


You are required to contact the Yuzu Support team when pre-certification is required.

Services requiring pre-cert are listed in your member dashboard at > Coverage section.

Contact us

If you have questions, call us at ‪203-208-9898‬ or email us at We respond ASAP, in most cases within minutes.