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The Yuzu Plan is a collaborative effort between you, your employer, and Yuzu.

Your employer has picked Yuzu as your health plan. They fund all or a portion of the plan in the form of premiums paid to Yuzu and HSA contributions paid to your HSA.
We (Yuzu) are the ones who administer the plan for your employer, meaning we do all the work behind the plan. We construct the plan components, build the tech, provide support, and do all the other necessary work for the plan.
You get access to all of the health benefits through the Yuzu plan, in a financially advantageous way through your HSA and potential end-of-year rewards if you use less care than what your employer paid for.

Stereotypical insurance vs the Yuzu Plan

Stereotypical health insurance

Most plans are offered by five old insurance behemoths, famously named “BUCAH": Blue Cross Blue Shield, UnitedHealth Group, Cigna, Aetna, and Humana.
They collect fixed payments from employers and employees for coverage, called ”premiums”.
They then pay out money to cover employees’ cost of care, called ”claims”.
This leads to fundamentally misaligned incentives: their ideal scenario is to maximize income by collecting the most possible in premiums and paying out the least possible in claims.
Plus, guess what? You get to use their outdated tech and awful support. We've been there and done that - paying tens of thousands of dollars per year in premiums for questionable coverage and a terrible experience. Let's not do that anymore. El fin.

The Yuzu plan is startup-friendly health insurance

Your employer funds the Yuzu health plan, typically contributing to both monthly premiums and your HSA account.
Yuzu does all the administrative stuff that a typical insurance company would do for your employer: our easy-to-use tech, our contracts with providers and claims software, and our team here to support you.
Plus, a bonus: if you are healthy throughout the year or use more cost effective care (which is often way better anyway), then both you and your company will reap the rewards - Yuzu will pay you at the end of the year 🤯.

How does Yuzu make money? Aligned incentives

Your employer pays Yuzu an Admin Fee to set up and support the plan. We get paid a flat fee per employee per month. This approach makes sense as it truly aligns incentives, whereas:

. We aren’t incentivized to deny you care. We don’t keep the profit like stereotypical health insurance plans. You and your employer get any profits from low healthcare spend, while Yuzu gets a flat fee.
. We want your company to grow. The more your company grows the more employees you have, and thus, the more revenue Yuzu makes in Admin Fees (given we knock #3 out of the park).
. We need to deliver value to you and your employer to retain your business. We want to make you and your employer happy along the way so we continue to be your plan of choice year after year as you grow 🙂.

That is the magic! Our Yuzu team works super hard on behalf of you and your employer to offer better, more affordable health benefits.

Contact us

If you have any questions about any of your health benefits, please text or call us at ‪203-208-9898‬, or email us at We will respond to you ASAP, in most cases within minutes.