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Escape the beast. Invent your own health insurance.

Yuzu administers and manages custom-built employer health plans. We build the tools to do this in-house, so your care models can come to life for cheap.

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Korb Matosich

CEO of Asserta Health

Yuzu is a flexible and responsive partner that has built reporting and adjudication systems that facilitate Asserta's strategy of cutting healthcare waste through direct, immediate cash payments for healthcare services.


Angel Saucedo

Co-Founder of Virtuous Benefits

Yuzu Health's platform is a game-changer in the benefits administration landscape. It makes my job easier and keeps my clients happy—what more could you ask for?


John Youngs

CEO of Prodigy Health Insurance Services

Yuzu Health has been a dependable partner. They get it right, making it easy for us to secure solid stop-loss policies for their groups. It's a partnership I value highly.


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Use our modular services to supercharge your plan. Automate manual processes, improve member experience, and reduce costs.

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