Seed Round Announcement

CompanyWed Nov 01 2023
Raising $5 million seed round lead by Lachy Groom. Join us →

Immad Akhund, Founder and CEO at Mercury
Andrew Arruda, Founder and CEO at Flexpa
Philippe Bouaziz, Chairman and CFO at Deel
Josh Browder, Founder and CEO at DoNotPay
Shensi Ding, Founder at Merge
Erik Goldman, Founder at Vanta
Akshay Kothari, Founder and COO at Notion
Joshua Motta, Founder and CEO at Coalition
David Nichols, Founder and CDO at Lithic
J Zac Stein, President and CPO at Lattice
Michael Tannenbaum, COO at Brex
Asaaf Wand, Founder and CEO at Hippo Insurance
Anil Varanasi, Founder and CEO at Meter
...and many more.

Lachy Groom
Day One Ventures
Altman Capital